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The Bootea Philosophy

Right now you're as young as you're ever going to be. That's a scary thought. Yet because of busy lives and hectic schedules most of us feel older than we are. Why? Because when we're trying to juggle a million and one things, the one that seems to drop first is taking care of ourselves. 

At Bootea we don't believe in fad diets, quick fixes and magic (well some of us believe in magic, just not that kind). What we believe in is a healthy lifestyle. Unlike dieting that has a set time frame and a finish line you can't wait to cross, changing your lifestyle is forever, making a whim the norm and the 'once in a blue moon' stuff something you want to do everyday. We're not saying only eat lettuce and spend six hours a night in the gym, running a marathon on the treadmill or using the rowing machine until your arms fall off. What we're saying is that the things we do wrong are obvious, we usually regret doing them as soon as they're done. Making the little changes are the things that make the biggest difference.  

If you want to improve yourself it shouldn't feel like a prison sentence and it shouldn't stop you doing the things you want to do, exactly the opposite. It should empower you to do everything you thought you never could and give you the confidence to not settle when you know deep down that you are capable of so much more. From the clothes you're too afraid to put on to trying something you never thought possible.

Now nowhere will you find us saying it will be easy. In the beginning it might be anything but. Bootea is here to kick start what could be one of the hardest things you're ever likely to do. But when we change the way we think, we change the decisions we make and we become the person we always wanted to be. No excuses and no shortcuts.

The products we offer at Bootea are there to make everything you're about to do a little less daunting. They detox your body, stopping you feeling lethargic and giving you the energy to throw on your running shoes after a tiring day. They help suppress your appetite so you only eat what you need rather than what's there and they boost your metabolism to burn fat and let your body know that you mean business.

If you know that this is something you want then do it. If you've read this and are already making excuses as to why the Bootea philosophy isn't for you then you might be right. But no matter what your shape, size or age, if you want to see a better you, there's no better time to start then right now. The Bootea team isn’t going to wish you good luck. Luck has nothing to do with it. Everything you accomplish will be because of your hard work, focus and determination. You'll have earned every change you see, that's the Bootea philosophy.


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