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Bootea Presents - Burn It Off

Bootea Burn It Off

If you've ever wondered just how much exercise it takes to burn off your favourite treats, then we've got the low down. Be warned – there’s a serious work out on its way! 

Did you know that it takes 150 squats to burn off just one glass of prosecco? And that might sound like a lot, but really it’s nothing. Enjoying some red pepper hummus on a tasty wholemeal pitta would cost you 95 minutes of Zumba… That’s two classes back-to-back!

Our Bootea Burn It Off infographic is designed to highlight the calories, sugar and fat content in some popular foods – and show you what exercise you’d need to do to enjoy them guilt-free.

Everything listed here is based on a 140lb female, working out with moderate effort. Weigh less? It’ll take you longer to burn it off. Are you a guy? Lucky you, ‘cause it won’t take quite as long.

If you’re shocked by what your favourite snack would cost, don’t be shy and share this with your friends. Help Bootea spread the word about a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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