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Transformation Tuesday - "I was absolutely amazed at the results after just a week!"

We're excited to celebrate the lovely Saffron who has given us an insight into her admirable weight loss journey.
"I've been losing weight/getting fitter for about a year but hit a block where I wasn't toning up or losing weight anymore, then I read about Bootea and decided to give it a go after all the great reviews, I was absolutely amazed at the results after just a week!"

It just shows that if you've got your 'I'm not giving up' head on, then you really can achieve what you want. We really admire Saffron's determination to reach that end goal of hers, despite facing a few hurdles along the way.

We're lucky that we have so many customers out there that share their love for Bootea by writing reviews and sending in pictures; it helps people like Saffron find Bootea so they can also experience it's wonders!

Here you can see Saffron's awesome transformation from 9st 7lbs (133lbs) to 8st 4lbs (116lbs). She looks absolutely gorgeous, we adore her toned legs!

"After the full 28 days I didn't feel bloated at all, I was more energised, my skin was better and I finally managed to cut a few inches from my waist which is what I'd been struggling to do for months. I lost my last 4lbs with the help of Bootea"

We thought Saffron looked beautiful in her 'before' picture but now we think Saffron looks absolutely smokin' in her 'after' picture! Thanks so much for sharing your weight loss journey, we love to see them!

Start your weight loss journey today by ordering your Bootea Teatox here. Then send in your transformation pictures so we can celebrate your success!


The Bootea Team xx


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