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How To Get Over Those Common Hurdles To A Healthy Lifestyle!

“80 percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

We are always being told to adopt a health lifestyle. But it can be so hard when you just don't enjoy it at all! There are problems with the way we view exercising and eating healthy and this can be the reason why we don't start at all, or give up after a while:

"It's too difficult."
Problem: People set out with a lot of ambition and enthusiasm, and start out with a big goal such as "I'm going to go to the gym every single day for an hour!". This goal can be too difficult to sustain for very long, especially if you're not used to exercising. You can do it for a few days, but you soon run out of energy, and it becomes a big effort to do it.
Solution: Start out by exercising just a few times a week, or incorporating exercise into your normal day. You could start out by going to the gym twice a week and then slowly increasing how long you stay or how often you go, or doing something as simple as walking all the way/half the way to work a few times a week.

"I have too many goals."
Problem: Often we set out to do too much. We want to run, and lift weights, and eat healthy, and quit sweets, and stop drinking soda. Although they are all great goals, they can become overwhelming.
Solution: Focus on changing things a little at a time. For example, have one sweet free day a week or sometimes swap soda for water. Slowly achieve your goals a little at a time; ensure you still treat yourself every now and again, but maybe make that treat only a few pieces of chocolate as opposed to a whole chocolate bar (tip - offer pieces of chocolate to your friend; you'll feel good for sharing and that means there's less for you to eat!)

Not enough motivation:
Problem: It’s not a lack of discipline, it’s a lack of motivation. If you're not used to exercising or you don't find it fun then it can be so hard to push yourself to do it - don't worry, this is nothing new!
Solution: Ways to motivate yourself could be to find yourself a friend who wants to achieve similar goals to you, working out and supporting each others healthy eating can be an amazing boost. Ask around your office or group of friends if they want to do the Bootea Teatox with you - we here of lots of great office success stories! Also try to find workouts that you find fun, we have a quick and easy fitness plan available here if you have a busy schedule, or you could find a salsa class to join (great workout and really socialable!) or join a running group in your area (running with others is so much more fun than running alone!)


The Bootea Team xx

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