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5 Surprising Benefits of Our Teatox

You’ll have heard of the benefits of detox teas removing toxins from the body by now, and we're huge believers in it, but it’s not just us that love our Teatox product.

This Friday, we’re four years old 🎉 (we know, we don’t look a day over two) and we thought we’d share some of the great benefits our customers have gained from our Teatox so far and what it is in our teabags that may be the reason our customers are getting the benefits that they are...

1. ☀️ “[Bootea] encouraged me to drink more in the morning” 

It sounds daft that we often find ourselves too busy to drink during the day, but it’s true, especially first thing in the morning when you’ve pressed snooze one-too-many times. If you know you absolutely have to drink your Bootea first thing in the morning, you are ensuring you’re starting your day right; hydrated and ready to take on the dreaded commute.

2. 😊 “I feel much more awake and energized everyday” 

The natural ingredients such as Chinese oolong tea and yerba mate which contain caffeine and the ginger in our daytime teas help to uplift, energize and refresh you enough to want to cease the day. As well as this, having a healthier lifestyle and diet, which we recommend alongside our Teatox will make you feel a lot more energized.

3. 💪 “A great and easy way to detox and kick-start a healthier lifestyle” 


We all want to be that bit healthier, but it’s often the first thing we put off after a busy day. We’ve had great feedback from customers telling us that the results from our teatox have encouraged them to kick-start a healthier lifestyle in general in order to get the maximum results from our product. As for the detoxing, dandelion leaf, which is in our daytime tea is a natural antioxidant that will help your body rid itself of any toxins.

4. 💁 “Reduced the bloating I had been experiencing” 


As well as an energizing agent, ginger has a relaxing effect on your intestines and reduces inflammation, which helps you to break down your food a lot easier. Licorice root and psyllium seeds, which are in our bedtime tea also aid digestion, doing their best to stop anything staying where it shouldn’t and at the same time reducing bloating. These ingredients, in turn have seen a lot of our customers see great results with reduced bloating. Flat belly in that bodycon dress you’re wearing on Friday? Winner!

5. 😴 “The tea helped to give me a better sleep pattern” 


In a society where more and more people are struggling with sleep deprivation, there are a lot of theories that show having a decaffeinated hot drink, such as herbal tea before bed helps to relax you. Our bedtime tea has relaxing agents in it which aim to help you drop off to a natural, relaxing sleep and get that much-needed eight hours each night. Just one of these ingredients is burdock, which helps to relieve tension by relaxing your blood pressure.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about and get the results our customers above have, why not give our Teatox a whirl?

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